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2021 End of the Year Recap

First of I would like to apologize for not updating the Blog section since July so I am going to end this year blogs on a Recap of what has happened over the last 5 Months.

Since the Release of DMs there has been a lot of exciting activity between releases, shows and my personal life and I hope you all are excited to turn it up a notch with me next year.

August Recap : Don't Tell (40 Oz Cult Release)

40 Oz Cult x PR!CE returns with "Don't Tell"

This was a very exciting release for me as this was my first track with original vocals. On top of that we were able to create the whole concept behind promo and what story I was trying to tell. There is a lot of me people don't know regarding how I found my way in producing and this was a glimpse of things I hope to share with you all regarding who I am and what makes PR!CE.

Stream Here :

September Recap : Vegas - Malaa Show - GoldRush


September was a very exciting month, we kicked it off early with my first Out of State show playing Direct Support for Trst. with the StoryTime Records family. It was a weekend of a lot of firsts, with playing my first Direct Support slot, meeting the whole StoryTime Records family after releasing on both of their Compilations "The Book Club" and meeting and hanging out with two of my favorite up and coming house artists Noises and Juice! the DJ . This meant a lot to me as Juice and I have a upcoming release together coming out in 2022 so be on the lookout for that!

September (Contd) - Malaa Show

9/16 was a very exciting night as I was able to be apart of Malaa's supporting acts alongside Trst. and Elwer. Malaa's brand and style is something that really made me enjoy House styles like G House, Bass House and Tech house, So being apart of this lineup and being able to meet him was a huge goal of mine and it was a night I will not forget and appreciate anyone who is reading this now and was in the crowd.

Below is a clip from the Malaa show featuring a upcoming release in 2022

September (Contd) - GoldRush / No Gimmicks Remix Compilation

September was jammed packed and we are only not even halfway through all the excitement

GoldRush has always been a festival I wantd to attend has a fan but never was able to. So to be asked to play at their art car they had was very exciting and motivating for me. It was a time for me to reflect and be thankful for how far my growth has taken me and that your goals are possible if you just work hard! SO if anyone is ever wondering if they should go after their goals but are afraid to fail, don't be afraid, believe in yourself and enjoy the process.

On top of playing my first festival I was able to curate and put together my first ever Remix Compilation featuring Fox'd , collelo , Ronny Berna and Tonelow remixing my original track "No Gimmicks". I hand chose Fox'd, collelo and Ronny Berna and we hosted our first Remix contest for the fourth slot. We had a ton of submissions for my first ever remix contest and Tonelows edged its way out to the finalist spot after narrowing it down to the top 3 out of 25 submissions. I hope to do this again in the future as I enjoyed talking to and meeting so many new artists

October - Dirty Bass Release


October was a fun month with shows, traveling out of state for Motocross and releasing one of my favorite tracks that I got to be apart of! To kick off October I had my collab with Dread MC, SoundWreck and HeistMusik release on Diverge Records. (Video Clip Below)

Track ID - PR!CE, SoundWreck, HeistMusik - Dirt Bass (feat. Dread MC)

On top of the Dirty Bass Release I also released a remix for Fantom Freq and Eric Mark 'Brace Yaself' (Stream Here). I had a lot of fun remixing this track and was really excited to be apart of the Big Beat Manifesto Remix Ep that was released on Thiccfreqness. Not only did I get the chance to release music in October but I had the chance to be on Boys Noize Night of Mischief lineup at Sunbar here in Tempe, Arizona. November was an exciting month and we definitely kept the momentum going into November!

November : Taiki Nulight Direct Support / Habstrakt Direct Support

After having a stacked up October, we kept the momentum going with two huge Direct Support slots in November. First we started off playing Direct Support for Tchami at Shady Park. This was a huge moment for me as I had been pushing myself in both production and Djing to earn myself a Direct support and I was so excited to finally earn that spot for one of my personal favorite artist. Not only is Taiki Nulight one of my personal favorites I had the chance to play at one of my favorite venue's, Shady Park in Tempe, Arizona. Something I love about this venue is being so close to the crowd and being to interact and really feel their energy and it something that continue to motivate me, there is nothing like playing music and seeing people have a good time while you do it.

The Taiki Nulight show was a night I won't forget and a show that made me really start to be more confident with msyself and I appreciate anyone reading this that was there that night. After our fun night at Shady I was asked to play Direct Support for Habstrakt right after thanksgiving. WOW what a show that was, I was feeling great after Shady and came into Sunbar for Habstrakt ready to go and bring a whole new set and aggression. Everyone that night brough the energy and I can truthfully say that was easily the most fun I have ever had playing and a set that will stick in the back my head forever.

Enjoy one of my favorite clips from the night playing out one of my favorite flips made by Saint Punk

After having an amazing November we started to get ready to end 2021 with a bang and December was just the perfect way to end the year.

December : Gotta Get It Release / Decadence Arizona Art Car

December is personally my favorite month, why you might ask? Well I was born in December and well there seems to be always some kind of good that happens in during December for me and this past year it was a special one for me. We started hot right out of the gate with the release of 'Gotta Get It' with One&Two on Nightenjin. This one meant a lot to me as the One&Two Duo are some of my close friends and we had been sitting on this track since before covid hit and I was really excited to release it with the Nightenjin Family.

Stream it Here and check out a clip from Sunbar playing it live during my Direct Support Slot for Habstrakt!

Stream : Gotta Get It

After starting the month off with a release I started to get ready for my Birthday and spend time with family and friends. This year was a special year for me and I had to make sure to spend it with the people closest to me and I couldn't be more thankful for those people I have in my life. Shortly after my birthday I received and message regarding playing Decadence here in Phoenix Arizona at Rawhide. This was a huge goal for me as I had attended Decandece Arizona as a fan for the last six years and I couldn't believe I was going to be apart a festival that I use to attend as a fan. I had the honor to play along side so many talented artists and got to spend ringing in the new year with so many friends and I couldn't think of a better way to end 2021.

I really am thankful for the year I had and all the people I met during 2021. We released a lot of music this year, merch, launched the website and continued to grow and find out what I wanted to do with my music and goals in 2022! If you were able to make it to a show this past year, buy merch or listen to any of my music and read this post, I truly appreciate you and can't thank you enough. I truly hope to make 2022 even better and put out some fun releases and my best work I have to offer.

Much Love,

and thank you to those who have stuck around.. we are just getting started!


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